Mini projectors, yay or nay?

Should I buy a mini projector? 

A question that you need to ask yourself is, what is the purpose of buying a mini projector?

  • Is this for a home cinema in your newly renovated HDB / apartment?
  • Is this for your business presentation in your client’s office?
  • Do you need to travel with it?..etc

Once you’ve identified your purpose, let’s look at the 3 main factors that can help in your decision:

  1. Lumens (also refers to the brightness of the projector)

Mini projectors are typically within 50-900 lumens. In the world of projectors, 50-900 lumens are very low which means you’ll need a pretty dark room in order to get decent projection. If the room is not dark enough, images projected may be blurred or too transparent for the naked human eye.

Optoma Mini Projector

Optoma ML750 at S$899

  1. Resolution (affects the image quality)

Resolution dictates what you can do with the projector. Can you use it to play videos? Read excel? Do a presentation?Generally, for a projector of this size, there are 2 types of resolution (ranked from lowest to highest)

a) WVGA 854×480 – can be used for PPT presentation, standard-quality videos and photos

b) WXGA 1280×800 – better quality in every aspect compared to WVGA

Canon Mini Projector

Canon Rayo i5 at S$429

  1. Wifi and cable

Most, if not all, mini projectors are wifi-enabled hence, one less worry about whether you’ve brought the connecting cable for your trip to Japan.

Biosystem Mini projector

Biosystem PJT800 at S$799

We hope that these will helped to answer some questions that you have on mini projectors.

Here are some of our recommendations:


Canon Rayo i5

Biosystem PJT800

Optoma ML750

Retail Price





100 120



WVGA 854×480

WVGA 854×480

WXGA 1280×800

Wifi (built-in)




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