About Us

Susan has a friendly and patient personality. She started this shop at the age of 45. At that time, she had 3 young kids she had to support through school but did not have qualifications to help her get a decent paying job. She also did not have any savings so all she could do was to reach out to the bank for a loan.

Every single day for the first 10 years, she will be the first to lift the shutters of her shop in Sim Lim Square and be the last to close the shutters at 11pm to head home. The first months were tough, she was always in the reds – paying for rent and not having enough demand for her products. She had to borrow more money to help keep the company afloat. Unsure how long this one (wo)man show can last.

Slowly but surely, through sheer grit and determination, word spread and more people came to know of her genuinity and reliability in the projector industry.

Every client is attended to with much joy and anticipation. “Hi, can i help you?” is the first thing you will hear when you approach her.  She is really patient and will definitely assist whenever there is a projector demo request. If you are unsure of the latest specifications in the market, fret not, she is an independent reseller of various brands and will be able to recommend the right models that is most suited for your usage. In her own little ways, she has gained the trust of many clients and their friends.

Thanks to all her awesome customers, she managed to send all her kids through school. Age has caught up but her personality lives on. Give it a try –  call her with regards to projectors at +65 9898 4560 or walk-in to the shop today:

Sim Lim Square
1 Rochor Canal Road
Singapore 188504



在最初的10年中,她每天第一个提起Sim Lim Square商店的金属门,

投影机放映机行业中的独创性和可靠性。 客户们都信任和信赖她。 

如果您不确定市场上的最新型号, 她是个品牌的独立经销商,她有很多品牌型号,

致电+65 9898 4560与她联系,或立即走进商店: 
Sim Lim Square
1 Rochor Canal Road
Singapore 188504