Buying Guide to Projectors

As with so many consumer products these days, selecting a projector can be a walk in the park when you are armed with the correct information—there are just so many options. Choosing the right projector is a simple process if you are familiar with these prerequisites. The screen size (width, most importantly) Distance between the[…]

What you need to consider to setup home entertainment

If you want a true cinematic experience, you need a projector. Projector screens easily reach beyond 120 inches, and many new projectors support 4K UHD resolution and cover an impressively wide array of colors thanks to features like wide color gamut, just like their 4K TV counterparts. So should you buy a projector? Well, projectors are[…]

Mini projectors, yay or nay?

Should I buy a mini projector?  A question that you need to ask yourself is, what is the purpose of buying a mini projector? Is this for a home cinema in your newly renovated HDB / apartment? Is this for your business presentation in your client’s office? Do you need to travel with it?..etc Once[…]